About Kumolog

KUMOLOG is an application that artificial intelligence KMOMY classifies genera and state of the clouds on your photo, according to the definition of WMO; World Meteorological Organization.

■ What is this cloud?

As you send a picture of the clouds to KMOMY, KMOMY can classify genera and state of the clouds. The current classification accuracy is about 85% (by in-house research).

Other KUMOLOG users can see the pictures of the clouds you sent to KMOMY from “See others’ clouds”.

■ My clouds

You can see the cloud photos and classification results you sent to KMOMY in chronological order.

The degree of matching in the classification result indicates how much the characteristics of genera and state of the clouds matches between ones that KMOMY processed in the past and ones sent to KMOMY, with a five-level star mark.

★ (Match: Low) ~ ★★★★★ (Match: High)

■ See others’ clouds

You can see the pictures of clouds that you and others sent to KMOMY, and you can drill down by the date, genera, and condition.

If the photo contains location information, you can see the location on the map where the cloud was taken, by clicking (or tapping) “MAP”. You can also see the cloud photos you and others sent to KMOMY on the map by drilling down the date, shape and condition.

Up to 300 photos can be displayed on the map.

【 About genera and state of clouds defined by WMO 】

■ Cloud genera: It is classified into the following 10 genera.

Cirrus; Common name: Mare’s tale

Cirrocumulus; Common name: Mackerel sky

Cirrostratus; Common name: Thin cloud

Altocumulus; Common name: Lenticular cloud

Altostratus; Common name: Boring cloud

Nimbostratus; Common name: Rain cloud

Cumulus; Common name: Fair weather cloud

Stratocumulus; Common name: Puffy cloud

Stratus; Common name: Heavy cloud

Cumulonimbus; Common name: Thundercloud

■ Cloud states: CL1-9 lower layer, CM1-9 middle layer, CH1-9 upper layer, 27 states in total.

The explanation of each state is displayed in the classification result of KUMOLOG. (The explanations are quoted from “Japan Meteorological Agency, Cloud Condition Genera Table”)

【What is KMOMY?】

KMOMY is an artificial intelligence engine developed by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation that distinguishes cloud images into cloud observation classifications (10 genera, 27 states, 11 cloud cover level) by WMO. The development aims for automated cloud observations at on-vessel meteorological observations currently performed by humans.

KUMOLOG uses some of the functions of KMOMY.

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation conducted research and development of KMOMY and its algorithms and learning datasets, which are the heart of artificial intelligence development, under supervision and cooperation of the respective cutting-edge research institutes, the Graduate School of System Informatics and the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences of Kobe University.



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